Strawberry Peach Buttermilk Scones — Cooking with a Wallflower

Slightly crunchy on the edges with a soft and buttery center, these buttermilk scones are filled with fresh strawberries and peaches. Easy to make, these strawberry peach buttermilk scones are perfect for breakfast or with tea in the afternoon. Happy Sunday! It’s been a super long week with 6 days of work. I’m ready to… via […]

Pesto Chicken Pasta with Mushrooms — Julia’s Album

Mushroom Chicken Pasta with creamy Pesto sauce and sun-dried tomatoes – delicious and easy (30 minutes from start to finish). Perfect meal for the Summer! I love pesto, and cook a lot with it in the Summer. I’ve been making this pesto chicken pasta for years, and only now finally posting it on my blog.… via […]

Stirring Things Up

Have I mentioned that I love to cook.  No?  Well I do.  And I have decided that Sundays should be fresh bread baking day.  Why you ask.  Well I don’t really know, it just sounded good. Years ago my husband, Peter (isn’t he cute), found a recipe in the newspaper, for a no-knead bread.  Needless […]

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