Nightmare: Where did my creativity go?

I’ve been busy in my pottery studio.  Trying to decide what to make that people would love to buy for themselves or give as gifts.  After all I would like to make a little income on my work.  Working on wedding plates,  trinket dishes as wedding favors (mainly because I have 2 daughters getting married. Yikes!).  Also the holidays will be here before you know it.  So Holiday themed plates, bowls, maybe cups.  Maybe not cups, I have not exactly mastered cup making yet.wp-1467845408658.jpg

I don’t have too much of a problem making and decorating the pottery.  My nightmare is deciding on what to glaze the pots.   It’s as if my creativity got all used up in designing and making the plates, bowls, etc that after I bisque fire them and it’s time to glaze my creative muses have bailed on me.  I stare and my lovely bisque ware and it’s as if they are saying to me “what’s next?” and I don’t always have an answer.  Don’t get me wrong sometimes I do have a clear plan and pottery does get glazed.  But there are those pieces that I just freeze.  Like the wedding plates. Wedding colors?  Colors that go with the home decor? Colors that I think are just nice? I don’t know.  Will I ever get this right? Will people like it?  Will my daughters like it? That’s the nightmare.  Having a studio full of unglazed pottery and I can’t commit to a glaze color or colors and I just freeze. I blame that fact that I’m a Pisces.  Two fish going in opposite directions.  I almost never make a decision easily.  Always seeing different sides of the same picture. If you could hear what goes on inside my head sometimes you’d be amazed.

I spend a good amount of time watching and learning from the wonderful potters that share their skills and advise on periscope. #pottersofperiscope.  They all seem to have it all together.  Create the pot, glaze it in the most perfect way, sell the pot.  Will I ever be that confident.  I’m sure gonna try.  But I’m not there yet. There’s the nightmare again.  The good thing about nightmares is that you wake up.  Look around and realize everything is OK.  Pots may still need to be glazed but I just need to pick up the glaze brush and make that first stroke and hope for the best.  Who knows, it may turn out like a dream.  Just do it.  That’s what I will tell myself.  Just do it.

Getting To Know Me

“You can’t help getting older, but you don’t have to get old” George Burns

When last I left you I was firing up my kiln for a bisque firing.  Well all came out great.2016-06-16 10.07.26

I was very happy that every piece fired without any problems.  Now the pieces have been glazed  I loaded up the kiln again for a glaze firing!  Woo hoo!  And now we wait… again.


While I’m waiting for my kiln to do its job and magically turn my glazed pottery into amazing pieces of functional pottery I decided to take the WordPress University Course 101 on how to have a successful blog.  Because I would like to have a blog that you all want to read.  A blog that no one reads is just sad.

Assignment 1. Write and introductory post.  Who am I and what is my blog about.  When I first thought about writing a blog I thought It would just be fun to share my journey in the pottery studio.

Not a journey of a young woman just getting started on a new career or a new mother finding her way through life with kids.  I did that already. I am not a spring chicken.  I’m an aging hen.  61 years old!  I’ve spent the last 35 years raising 3 amazing daughters, working side by side with my husband in our Italian deli. Then 10 years working in an arts and crafts store.

When I reluctantly retired (due to a really cranky pair of knees) I thought “what now?” That’s when I realized it’s never too late to start something new.  It’s my time now.  Now I  have the time to do what I love to do.  CREATE!  I love making pottery, I love making jewelry, I love to cook (cooking is a craft).  That is why my tagline is “Create something everyday”  It makes me happy and I would love to share it all with you.

I want women my age to read my blog and say to themselves “It really is never too late to do what makes you happy and reinvent yourself.”

So here we go.  Any advice you have please share.  I would love to hear from you.  You may save me from hitting a few walls or tripping over myself.

Have a wonderful day!





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