Hello February

Winter here in CT has been actually pretty mild which made me a little leary about February and March. February can be a short (although it’s leap year we have an extra day) but fierce month. And March is what I call the bi-polar month. Everyday has a different attidtude. So as I wait for […]

Snow Day!

What do you do when the weather man warns you that snow is coming? I like to be creative. Sometimes I do have to push myself but today I don’t. I’m in the kitchen making a crock pot of Beef Bourguignon to start my day. Yes cooking is a creative process no matter what anyone […]


If you are a potter you probably have heard of Jessica Putnam Phillips and her Clayshare group of potters from around the world. It’s an amazing group of people who get together on social media and share all our pottery lives. I found Jess on Potters of Periscope a few years ago when that was […]

Throw Down is over.. But clay lives on!

Source: Throw Down is over.. But clay lives on!

Homemade Vanilla Extract — Cooking without Limits

I always wanted to have a homemade vanilla extract. It has only 2 ingredients and is all natural, no chemicals at all. I found so many recipes on the net about the process and all of them had lots of vanilla beans. In my country vanilla beans are very expensive so buying 8 or 10 […] […]

Etsy Treasury

For those of you who don’t know about Etsy Treasuries, it’s a collection of items from a collection of Etsy shops that usually has a theme, i.e.Fall In Love, Puppy Love, etc. and it’s always exciting when an item  gets chosen to be in a treasury.  This happened to me today and I am very […]

And All At Once Summer Collapsed Into Fall

It’s such a short but lovely season.  That short period of time when all the trees turn amazing colors, there is always a slight breeze and then there is the smell of fall.  That one day you open the door and you can smell it, maybe you can’t describe it, but it’s there. Fall, the […]

Blackberry Cream Soda — Cooking with a Wallflower

An easy to make blackberry syrup mixed with club soda and a touch of cream. This blackberry cream soda is the perfect way to use up your blackberries. I can’t believe that summer is unofficially over. I mean, September is when the kids go back to school, when the Halloween candies and decorations make their… via […]

New Pieces in Progress

“Keep calm and throw some clay”   Platters, bowls, soap dishes and refrigerator magnets.   I even had my first experience with carving (the first picture of the dragonfly). Now if only the weather would cool down a little so I can fire my kiln.   Some new pieces that we recently  added to our shop […]

Nightmare: Where did my creativity go?

I’ve been busy in my pottery studio.  Trying to decide what to make that people would love to buy for themselves or give as gifts.  After all I would like to make a little income on my work.  Working on wedding plates,  trinket dishes as wedding favors (mainly because I have 2 daughters getting married. […]

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