Hello February

Winter here in CT has been actually pretty mild which made me a little leary about February and March. February can be a short (although it’s leap year we have an extra day) but fierce month. And March is what I call the bi-polar month. Everyday has a different attidtude. So as I wait for mother nature to behave normally my plan is to 1. organize my house (yes I say this every year but this year I mean it!) 2. Spend more time in my studio making pots and trying to build my small hobby potter business.

I must say I am off to a good start. I have Marie Kondoed my dresser, closet, kitchen cabnets and dining room hutch. However my guest room scares me so I’m avoiding it right now. (Where do you think I put all the stuff that did not bring me joy but I still need to get rid of. Yep. Guest room) Ugh. Have faith people, I got this!

I have been busy making pottery and getting ready for Valentine’s Day.

Just a few pieces for now. I have whole lot of glazing to do and that’s my plan for today. I was supposed to hang out with this little man today (tuesdays and thursdays are Nani days with my grandson) but his sister is sick and daddy is home taking care of the pair.

This should keep me busy for awhile.

Well time for another cup of coffee and off to glazing I go. Maybe I’ll tackle that guest room. (Who are we kidding)

Have a great day all.

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