If you are a potter you probably have heard of Jessica Putnam Phillips and her Clayshare group of potters from around the world. It’s an amazing group of people who get together on social media and share all our pottery lives. I found Jess on Potters of Periscope a few years ago when that was a thing and followed her right through to her and her husband, Kevin creating Clayshare on Facebook and Instagram., Yes I am a stalker of Jessica Putnam Phillips. She has a huge heart and loves to share her amazing talent as a potter with any and all of us.

As a member of the Clayshare Family (Jessica and Kevin being the parents of the family. LOL), I am taking the #clayshare365challenge that Jess came up with. The challenge is to create or design or make every day for the next 365 days. (Started January 1st). It’s a way to keep your mind and spirit alive and thriving. All of you creatives know what I am talking about.

Now, this doesn’t mean I’m going to post every day for the next 365 days (those that follow me know I haven’t been stellar about blogging on any kind of regular basis. Let’s face it I let life get in my way. But maybe 2020 will be my year) anyway I will be blogging about my process and the pots I make. By the end of the year, I should have 365 new pots.

So this is how I started my challenge. Mini pumpkin dishes (filling out a customer order) a couple of new rectangle dishes. These dishes/trays were impressed with a beautiful Moroccon Tile rolling pin desined by Jessica Putnam Phillips and made by The Texture Shoppe.  

We all know Valentines Day is coming so I felt the need for heart-shaped magnets as well. Maybe some heart shaped dishes? Or am I getting to sappy with hearts.

I’m not sure what I’m going to call this bowl but I am in love with its shape and texture. This texture is from another rolling pin called Winter butterfly created by Sharon Hopper at The Texture Shoppe. The shape of the bowl was made with a large cookie cutter I bought from BobbisCookiesCutters on Etsy. (All you potters and bakers check out the Etsy shop. No, I have no affiliation with this shop. I just really like their products and have bought several cutters from them and they work great)

Ok, well that’s my first blog post of 2020. I hope anyone who reads this blog and has any advice, ideas or comments please share with me. That will be the only way I can make this adventure interesting, educational and fun.

Have a wonderful day all!

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