Shy Buddha

“Do not dwell on the past, do not dream of the future, concentrate the mind on the moment”. Buddha

In my creative space I have a small statue of a Shy Buddha.  You can see him periodically in some of the pictures with my pottery posted in our Etsy shop(  I truly don’t remember when or where he came from, I think it may have been from my daughter Christina.   He gives me a sense of calm when I find myself stuck for an idea.  Sometimes the thought that I have to create something or my day is incomplete causes me to not be creative.  2016-04-05 18.40.05

I tend to always put the pressure on myself and I’m sure I’m not the only one.  Yes you, you know who you are.  So creating a space that is warm and inviting, I believe, is essential.

Now that my youngest daughter Sondra has a home of her own I have turned her bedroom into a space where I can go and be creative in a bright, warm, peaceful, zen like space. The morning sun comes streaming in through the windows giving the room a wonderful warm brightness.  I find that’s the perfect time to create designs for my jewelry or sketch ideas for my pottery.  It is also a great time to take pictures of the pottery, jewelry and crochet pieces that Linda and I create for our shop on Etsy.

I believe we all have so much going on in our lives these days that it is hard to just stop, breathe and think.  Let alone be creative.  So I have found having an area I can go to get away from everything and sometimes everybody really keeps me centered and less stressed.

So with  Shy Buddha  and little Mia (my sweet little Shih Tzu) by my side I can be peaceful and open2015-12-26 16.10.21 to any creative idea that comes along.  Hopefully.

Do any of you have a special space where you can go to unwind, be creative have a glass of wine?  I would love to hear about what and where you go to unwind, relax and create.

Rose, Mia and Shy Buddha

Update:  I am still working on my pottery space downstairs, which is not quite as zen as the upstairs bedroom.  But it’s getting there. Slowly but surely.  I promise.



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