Clutter & Chaos

Funny thing about starting over, your all gun ho about getting back to doing what you love to do.  You make plans (I’ll make this mug and design this bowl this way, this glaze will be perfect for that platter) You go down to your “studio” aka the basement and realize there is 3 years of stuff in what used to be your pottery space.  Ugh!

Yep, totally what happened to me.  It’s not that I didn’t notice the clutter before.  But I wasn’t using it as a pottery space, it was a storage space.  Kids moved out and left stuff, kids came back with more stuff, kids left again.  You guessed it, they left more stuff.  Then there is my stuff books, magazines, future pottery molds, objects with great texture for future pottery stuff.  It was not pretty!  There will be no pictures people.  Until it is to my liking, check back in about 10 years.  No just kidding.

The problem with cleaning up and organizing, especially if your are a creative person, is that you see potential in almost everything.  That is part of my problem.  I need to be strong and throw stuff out.  I can do that.  I can.  Really.

So this is my goal for the week. To get my studio back in order. I’m actually glad the weather is crappy.  Snow in April when it didn’t snow all winter is nuts. But if it was nice outside I would be in the garden.

So  Misty (one of my cats, actually my daughters cat) and I will be heading down to the studio.  I’ll be organizing she will be mousing.  Because like it or not living in the country means mice, even in the basement, I mean studio.


2015-01-17 11.45.53

Have a great day everyone!

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