“To live a creative life we must lose our fear of being wrong.” Joseph Chilton Pierce

Eight years ago my best friend Linda and I decided to take a pottery class.  Not just a paint your own ready-made piece of pottery (nothing wrong there but we wanted just a little bit more). We wanted a mud-slinging, wheel throwing, slab rolling experience.  We  enrolled in a summer program at Wooster School in Danbury, CT.  We had an awesome teacher, Katie who taught us how to throw on the wheel  and then how to slab roll and how to decorate and glaze our clay.  We fell in love….with pottery not Katie. (like I said she was awesome but this isn’t that kind of story).  We wound up taking 3 courses all together  so we could learn as much as we could. In the end we decided this was for us, we bought whatever we needed to get started making pottery.  I got a potter’s wheel and slab roller (nothing too large) and a small kiln.  Linda likes working with slabs so she got herself a slab roller also. We took a road trip up to Sheffield Pottery in Sheffield, MA.  Decided we wanted to work in earthenware clay got our supplies and started to create pottery and we were off.  Our styles are different so we had a nice variety of  pieces.  We did some craft shows, opened an Etsy shop (www.doublemuse.etsy.com) and sold a decent amount of pottery. (Linda also crochets so she makes beautiful crocheted pieces and I make jewelry, all of which we also sell in our shop) But making pottery is our favorite thing to do.

Unfortunately life sometimes gets in the way, after all we still had our day jobs, our family’s.  Linda has a husband, 3 kids, 3 dogs, 2 or 3 cats and a pet rat at one point.  I have a husband, 3 kids, 2 grand kids, down to 1 dog and 2 cats.  So when are we making pottery?  We took a break  and 3 years later and it’s time to get going again.  If not now, when? (imagine me doing a happy dance here)

So this is where The Journey Begins….again

The name of our business is DoubleMuse.  Two friends, two creative spirits guiding each other along this creative journey of ours.  We invite  you to tag along.  Learn about us, our families, learn as we learn, play as we play and create along with us.




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I'm a wife, mother, grandmother, potter and craft addict.

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